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Weight Loss Motivation Tips for When You Feel Like Giving Up

Weight Loss Motivation can sometimes become lost on those trying to change their diets. Here at Expert Surgical, we care about our patients both before and after a consultation. Always know that we are looking out for your health, and before giving up, here are some tips to maintain weight loss motivation.

1. Meditation

In may lifestyles, stress can lead just about anyone to the point of stress eating, breaking routine or even ignoring weight loss goals. Meditation is a very helpful tool when it comes to managing stress. By setting 15-30 minutes aside, anyone on a diet can add hours of a stress free day.

Meditation equals weight loss motivation!

Meditation helps create awareness of your surroundings. What is stressing you out? Why am I allowing my vices to take over? Allow yourself a brief moment of the day to reflect on what keeps you down. Overeating is often a result of stress, and meditation is a great way to omit that from the brain.


2. Weight Loss Motivation Support Groups

When it comes to the issues with weight loss motivation, nobody is alone. People all over the world suffer from obesity, and there are many reasons for it. Sometimes, one might have doubts about their progress in weight loss. Other times, it could be something deeper.

Fortunately, there are plenty of support groups and online forums out there. They are free, and the people there can always relate to the trials of weight loss. Click here to view our suggested online support group.

Additionally, several of these groups have systems in place in which one can find another to provide support in times of duress.

3. Have a Weight Loss Motivation Buddy

It’s hard to make major lifestyle changes when going at it alone. Finding other people with similar goals can greatly improve the outcome of weight loss. When willpower is running on empty, having people that have either been there or are doing that can provide the support you need to keep up weight loss motivation.

By surrounding yourself with people that have a positive and healthy outlook on life can completely change the way you see things. Stay positive, and keep yourself in the company of people that share similar goals.


4. Setting Realistic Goals

The first step to maintaining weight loss motivation is setting goals. Make them realistic, however. The world wasn’t created in a day, and weight loss won’t happen overnight. By making small steps, and setting practical goals, you are building confidence in your ability to achieve what you set out for!

Don’t fly too close to the sun by setting unattainable goals, such as losing 30 pounds in just a few months. Rather, find a way to fit into a dress or a pair of pants that you’ve purchased two sizes too small.


After all, it’s the little successes in life that make us feel bigger than ourselves!


5. Don’t put too much on your plate

In other words, don’t rush the progress. As long as you are meeting modest goals, it’s still a change for the better.

Make real changes in your diet, and take those changes one step at a time. You have a better chance at keeping the weight off if you lose it slowly. Those that starve themselves, and then break down by binging are doing themselves no good.

Slowly shave 100 calories at a time from your diet, and then notice the change!


6. Be Patient

Again, weight loss motivation can be maintained in many ways. Three words can be really helpful:

Just Be Patient: take setting your goals one step at a time. I there is ever any doubt in progress, just be patient. As long as you are making the attempt, the rewards will follow.


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