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Staying Focused

Weight loss surgery is not the short and easy, “quick fix” path to achieving your weight loss goals, so staying focused after weight loss surgery is important. Many patients find that, without the proper support, they can easily lose motivation along the way. Here are some of the best ways to keep your weight loss path from becoming boring, and to help make your weight loss consistent.

Ask your physician about joining local support groups.

What is a football team without fans and cheerleaders? A support group works exactly like that. In a group setting, the sole purpose of the members is to offer tips, help each other, and share stories of their successes – and the occasional setbacks. When you feel like you aren’t in it alone and other people are sharing their journey with you, the path doesn’t seem as challenging. You might meet a new workout buddy, share new recipes to make your diet more creative and interesting, and make friends with whom you have a lot in common.  Hearing “Way to go!” when you’ve lost 5 more pounds, or “Don’t give up, we are all pulling for you!” when you hit a plateau goes a long way in motivating you to stay strong. And it’s backed up by research, which definitely shows a higher success rate of weight loss for those who join support groups versus patients who do not.

Buddy Up!

Find a friend (maybe in that support group?) who has similar weight loss goals to yours. Having another person on your workout schedule helps hold you accountable, and encourages you not to skip workout appointments. It also makes the workouts more fun when you can share a conversation on the treadmill, or have a partner spot you on the bench press for that hard to accomplish last rep. Or, why not take a weekly power walk through your neighborhood with someone who lives close by, just to catch up with a friend?  After your workout, you can even plan to stop for a healthy salad or a juice to help keep any diet temptations at bay.

Get A Post Bariatric Weight Loss App

As the saying goes, THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT! To which, Bariatric Surgery is no exception. Use Google or visit your phone’s app store to find  “Apps for bariatric surgery”, and you’ll find a plethora of recommendations. You can track your weight, find new recipes, learn new exercise tips, and share your personal success stories with the app’s community. Being able to easily track your success by pounds and inches lost will help you see the progress you make daily. And let’s face it, eating the same things over and over again can be boring. Many of these weight loss apps offer recipes that are specialized for bariatric surgery. (Make sure that you clear any diet plan with your doctor first, as you must be careful to always follow their guidelines!)

Talk To Your Doctor

No one wants you to succeed more than the team at Expert Surgical, the premier Bariatric Surgeons in Dallas. If you find your motivation is slipping, schedule an appointment with us to help you get back on track. Perhaps a simple pep talk, or tweaking the food and exercise plan is all you need to breathe new enthusiasm into your program. Remember, Expert Surgical is here for you every step of the way.

If you are considering weight loss surgery in Dallas, contact the staff at Expert Surgical today!


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