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New Year, New YOU!

It is no surprise that the #1 New Year’s Resolution is – you guessed it – lose weight. Doing it right is the best way to ensure success so that next year, a brand new resolution can take its place! Weight loss goal: CHECK!

Here are some hints to help set small, attainable goals to keep both your weight loss motivation, AND the weight loss results, strong.

Take Baby Steps

We are always taught to aim high. As the saying goes, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” But having weight loss goals even a shade too lofty can be detrimental if that goal isn’t met within our self-imposed, preconceived timeline. Remember, if it took 5 years to gain 50 pounds, the weight won’t be lost in 5 weeks. It behooves you to set a series of smaller, more attainable goals.

  • Instead of setting a goal to work out every single morning at 5 am, change it to working out four times a week at a time that makes sense for you. Set that time on your calendar as if it were an important meeting you are required to attend – because it IS important!
  • Don’t suddenly restrict calories to a ridiculously low amount per day. Instead, make a sensible nutrition plan based upon your current weight. Start with your weight loss goal, factor in current diet restrictions like gluten-free or lactose intolerant, and learn the projected calorie intake per day required for weight loss over a reasonable period of time. Many apps (see our blog about weight loss and fitness apps) can help you devise the perfect plan.

Break Bad Eating Habits – And Do It Wisely

If your “Get healthy” list looks like this…

  1. Quit drinking wine
  2. Eliminate sugar completely
  3. Ban carbs and bad fats forever
  4. Stop sitting on the couch watching TV at night
  5. Work out every day

…and you’re planning to enforce that list on a daily basis, it is very likely you will not be successful. Putting too much on your plate, both literally and figuratively, isn’t a productive way to lose weight. Ultimately, it will become  discouraging and you might just give up completely. So, rework that list. (Of course, if alcohol has become a problem, focus there first.) However, if your key goal is to simply lose weight and be healthier, take another look at the Old List. That once overwhelming list could suddenly become more manageable, as depicted in this New List:

  1. Take a walk 5 evenings a week or after work (#4 and 5 combined)
  2. Eat a healthy diet balanced with the right protein, fats and carbs (#2 and 3 combined)
  3. Limit alcohol intake – it’s high in useless calories and sugar (#1 and 2 combined)

See how this works? The second list speaks of an achievable lifestyle change rather than a strict regimen that would be difficult to follow.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Life comes at you fast! Even the strongest can become sidetracked by everyday interruptions. Try these tips to help you stay focused:

  • Make a “Vision Board” and place it in a prominent spot you will see daily. TV health coach Elizabeth Rider says “A vision board creates a sacred space that displays what you want to achieve and brings it to life. What you focus on expands.” Here’s how to make a vision board, from her blog.
  • Use an app (see our blog about weight loss apps) that sends notifications reminding you to eat, workout, rest and hydrate.
  • Tape a photo that most accurately depicts the body type you can reasonably hope to achieve (or even a favorite past photo of yourself!) on the refrigerator to help stop spontaneous late night munchies that you will regret later.
  • Actively stop any negative self talk from entering your mind. Replace motivation killer phrases like, “I will never reach my goal!” with affirming ones like, “I will be even closer to my goal in one short month!”
  • Forgive yourself. So you ate some gelato! Don’t beat yourself up. Just spend an extra 30 minutes on the treadmill tomorrow and vow to do better next time. No one is perfect!

Get Support or Professional Help If You Need It

Don’t try to do this alone! Find like-minded friends or family members who will join you in following new lifestyle goals. If that is a challenge, join a meet-up group or find a healthy cooking or workout class to help keep you motivated. If you feel you need professional help to achieve the weight loss you desire, schedule a consultation with us at The Bariatric Experts to learn more about the many bariatric weight loss options we offer. Become the YOU you want to be in 2019! Happy New Year!