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Weight Loss and High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is in every cell in our bodies helping to build healthy cells and hormones. That is why we classify it as good (HDL) cholesterol or bad (LDL) cholesterol. What is termed “high cholesterol” is actually an imbalance of the ratios. Obesity is often at the root of this imbalance and weight loss surgery can be an important factor in restoring proper HDL levels.

There are a few reasons why it is important to consider weight loss and cholesterol reduction. Consistently eating foods high in fat and saturated fat raises the amount of cholesterol in your blood and can impact your body’s ability to produce healthy cells. It can also result in carrying extra fat around your waist, which has been linked to heart disease and other serious medical conditions. This can be determined by calculating the ratio of your hip-to-waist measurement. In addition to bariatric surgery, lifestyle changes and healthy eating habits are necessary for long-term health improvements.

There are no warning signs or symptoms to alert you that your body may be storing the fatty deposits from high cholesterol within your blood vessels. Because of this, high cholesterol is considered extremely dangerous. It can affect circulation and lead to potentially fatal heart and vascular diseases. A targeted blood test is the only way to accurately measure your levels of HDL and LDL.

Reducing your BMI (body mass index) to less than 30 is critical for getting your body back on track. While regular exercise and a diet low in saturated fats can help restore your cholesterol balance, you may find that weight loss surgery is the most effective and efficient treatment option to help jumpstart your path to health.

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