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Health Benefits

Choosing to have weight loss surgery is a huge decision. It will change your life forever, and even change for the better can be difficult. But, when you and your doctor determine that weight loss surgery is the right choice for you, these are just a few of the benefits of bariatric surgery you can expect:

  • lower blood pressure
  • reduced cholesterol
  • reduction in type 2 diabetes,
  • improvement or disappearance of sleep apnea
  • reduced acid reflux symptoms
  • lessened risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer

One study by the University Cincinnati even showed that for the average patient, weight loss surgery actually adds years to your life. Researchers found the typical female patient (42 years old with a BMI of 45) lived three years longer, and the average male (44 years old with a BMI of 45) lived another 2.6 years, compared to obese individuals who did not have bariatric surgery.

In addition to improving your physical health, weight loss surgery can also benefit your mental health by fostering a better attitude, increased self-confidence, and improved social interaction. However, many people find their weight problem had to do with more than just food, and with the weight gone, they have no choice but to deal with the root cause of the behaviors that drove them to overeat.

This can be a startling and uncomfortable realization, which is why we created a detailed follow-up schedule for our patients, and why we strongly recommend you participate in the support groups and psychological counseling services available through Expert Surgical. These tools can help you overcome the problems that led you to gain the weight in the first place and improve your quality of life and mental health as you lose the extra pounds, and for years to come.

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