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Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

It’s easy to get trapped in the cycle of being too busy to exercise after bariatric surgery, especially during the holidays. For many people, the basic routine of work, family, and life can get in the way of gym time. During the holidays, there are additional obligations like shopping, work functions, neighborhood gatherings and school events that can hijack the best-laid exercise plans. It is important to keep in mind that weight loss surgery in Plano is not a miracle cure and that a steady program of exercise after bariatric surgery is vital to prevent a weight loss plateau, or worse, gaining back the weight.

Short Bursts of Exercise

Even though experts recommend 45 minutes to an hour per day of exercise, studies have shown that even 10-15 minute bursts of exercise are beneficial to the heart. Glenn Gaesser, an exercise physiologist at the University of Virginia, found that 15, 10-minute exercise routines per week over 21 days improved the test subjects level of fitness to be that of individuals 10 to 15 years younger. Says Gaesser, “”The biggest barrier people seem to have about exercise is a perceived lack of time.”

This isn’t to say that we should skip the hour-long cardio and weight training sessions entirely. Go for it! But if an hour-long Zumba class isn’t always in the cards during the holiday season, don’t underestimate the power of setting aside the “all or nothing” mindset and fitting in short chunks of activity whenever possible. Here are some ideas for keeping the metabolism revved throughout the day so that being too busy to exercise won’t interfere with great weight loss surgery results.

  • Take the stairs whenever possible: Live or work in a multi-level building? According to Livestrong.org, A 140-pound person will burn 83 calories after running up seven flights of stairs in five minutes. Walking up the same flight of stairs in 10 minutes while carrying an object will burn 99 calories.
  • Exercise while…cooking: While cooking dinner or making the bed, throw in some push-ups. Stand at arm’s length from the counter or mattress, then, with palms on the counter, lean forward and push back, performing 10-15 repetitions of pushups for at least 3 sets. Then – keep going!
  • Park in a parking lot far, far away: Don’t wait for the closest parking spot. Instead, make it a game to park in the first open spot, no matter how far it might be. Those extra steps will add up over time, especially if there is a lot of holiday shopping to complete.
  • Get in on the action: At the kid’s sports events, walk around the field instead of sitting in the bleachers, and recruit some other parents to make it more fun.
  • Walk, eat, walk: If there are restaurants close to work, bring some comfortable shoes and walk to lunch instead of driving.
  • Workout in front of the TV: Do “body weight” squats, ab work or jumping jacks while watching TV.
  • Tips for 10,000 steps: Work on getting in those 10,000 steps per day.  Arrive 15 minutes early to work meetings, then walk around the building for 10 minutes until the meeting starts. Five meetings a day = 50 minutes of walking, which adds up to a lot of steps.
  • Play ball: Play catch with the kids, walk the dog after dinner or throw a frisbee with a friend for even a quarter of an hour in the evening. Relationships will flourish and even the dog will be happier.

Get the idea? Write down other ideas for working on ways to exercise during the day, then vow to incorporate them as much as possible. While they are not meant to replace a regular workout program, even brief exercise snippets like these can offer cardiovascular benefits and help keep the metabolism burning. Then, when schedule lightens up, put in time on the treadmill, exercise class or bike. Doing this will encourage a healthy, active lifestyle – and keep the weight off for good.

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Losing weight doesn’t have to be a frustrating struggle. With partners like the Expert Surgical team in Plano, weight loss is achievable – and so is keeping it off for good! Don’t wait until after the holidays to find out what options will be best suited for you. Schedule a consultation with Expert Surgical now, and start off 2018 with a brand new outlook!