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Eating Healthy at Restaurants

Tips on Healthy Eating at any Restaurant 

Dieting at a restaurant can be tough when you’re trying lose weight. Most of the food is packed with butter, cheese, bacon, deep fried and served with ranch. After all, this IS Texas. You can still enjoy healthy eating in your dining experience with a few weight loss diet tips from the best weight loss surgeons at The Bariatric Experts.




  • Check the Menu Online Before Arriving. Avoid the confusion with this preemptive strike. Know your enemy, and you’ll be better prepared when ordering
  • Look Out for High Calorie Keywords…and AVOID THEM!!! These include words like creamy, breaded, crisp, sauced, or stuffed, and they are begging you to gain weight
  • Look for Healthy Key Words. Do the opposite. Look for descriptors like light, baked, broiled, fat free, or fresh. These words suggest healthier options.
  • The Low Calorie Menu. Many restaurants nowadays, especially chain restaurants, dedicate an entire section of “under 550 calorie” options. The easiest way to keep from falling off the wagon is to focus only on that part.
  • Drink Plenty of Water Throughout the Meal. By drinking heavy amounts of water, you not only eat at a slower pace, but you’re also tricking your brain into feeling full.




  • Dressing on the Side. This weight loss diet tip is easily the most common request in restaurants. By keeping dressings and sauces served on the side you are controlling your caloric intake.
  • Broth vs Cream Based Soups. Many soups, such as chowder or bisque, contain copious amounts of cream and butter. Stick with lighter broth-based soups like Italian wedding soup, chicken noodle or gumbo without the rice. 
  • Double up on Appetizers. This helps the entree decision making the process easier. By filling up earlier, you are making that chicken fried steak seem less tempting.
  • Omit any Oils or Butter. When having a grilled or sauteed item, ask not to have any oil or butter for cooking. This automatically shaves up to 200 calories from your meal.
  • White Meats Only. Most people know that the majority of fats and calories are found in the skins of chicken, duck and pork. They add flavor, so leave them on during cooking, then remove them before eating. The skins have no nutritional value…only fat.
  • Fish and Leaner Cuts. Lean cuts of beef like filet mignon are less marbled, meaning lower in fat. Fish are high in healthy fatty acids healthy oils, and low in calories.
  • Vegetables. Oil is required with either fried or sauteed vegetables. Spare your hips the additional 200 calories by having steamed vegetables instead. 
  • Dessert Options. A touch of whipped cream on top of some fresh berries is a wonderfully delicious alternative to a heavy cheesecake.




  • The Fork Scoop. Once creative way to enjoy dressings on the side while still adding the flavors. Use the fork scoop. Dip your fork into the dressing or sauce instead of pouring it all over your dish before each bite. This not only puts you in control of your calories, it also slows down the eating process. Eating slowly and steadily won’t put too much pressure on the digestive system.
  • Dessert Options. A touch of whipped cream on top of some fresh berries is a wonderfully delicious alternative to a heavy cheesecake.
  • Doggy Bags. If the bacon cheeseburger is too much of temptation this time, counter this craving by having half of your meal boxed. This way, your caloric intake during your meal is literally cut in ½!
  • Request a Table that is Far from the Kitchen. Your sense of smell, believe it or not, induces hunger. Modern kitchens are also open to the diner’s view, adding further temptation from the chef tossing the pizza dough right in front of your face.
  • Ask Your Server for Help. Your server isn’t there only to get stuff for you. They are knowledgeable professionals. They are there to inform you and ensure everything goes the way you want it to and. The last thing they want to do is ruin your meal.


For more information on everyday weight loss diet tips, or are looking for a Bariatric Surgeon, contact us at The Bariatric Experts today!