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At The Bariatric Experts, we are Farmers Branch bariatric surgery and weight loss doctors who offer solutions tailored for you and your specific needs. Our weight loss surgeons perform a wide range of bariatric procedures such as Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Balloon, and Revisional Surgery.

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Upon contacting us, our multidisciplinary team will be focused on you and your journey through the entire process. We will help handle all the logistics of your care including scheduling, billing, and insurance. This way all you have to do is focus on your road to better health. We look forward to being a part of your weight loss success!

weight loss surgery Farmers Branch TX

Are you one of more than a third of American adults suffering from obesity and weight related health problems? 

In addition to the health risks and chronic illnesses associated with the condition, obesity keeps you from your quality of life. If you are overweight, our team of weight loss surgeons in Farmers Branch Texas are here to help you reach your weight loss goals, every step of the way. 

The best way to get a full assessment of your condition is to schedule a consultation to determine whether bariatric surgery may be an option for you. Patients can call us at 214-396-1547 to learn how we can help you overcome obesity. Our bariatric surgery team at The Bariatric Experts will be with you every step of the way on your journey back to good health!

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Gastric Bypass Farmers Branch TXBariatric surgery is the most effective weight loss treatment for obesity and is endorsed by groups such as the American Medical Association, American Society for Nutrition, the Obesity Society and the American Diabetes Association.  During your consultation, we will provide you with all the information on the risks and benefits of weight loss surgery so you can make an informed decision regarding Gastric Sleeve, Gastric BalloonGastric Bypass and Bariatric Revisional Surgery.

Individuals who are considering bariatric surgery for weight loss have multiple options. From traditional gastric bypass surgery to gastric sleeve, each type of surgery has its own benefits and risks. Gastric bypass surgery is generally recommended for very obese patients with a Body Mass Index over 45. Our bariatric surgeons help you to make the right decision when considering which surgery is best for you.

You should understand the similarities and differences between the two types of bariatric procedures. When reviewing gastric bypass vs sleeve, there are a number of factors to consider:

Gastric Surgery Similarities

Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve are very similar procedures. In both cases, the expected hospital stay ranges from 2-3 days and the procedures are not reversible. Although the methods differ, both operations reduce the amount of food you can eat before feeling full. Recovery from both range from two to four weeks.

Gastric Surgery Differences

Gastric Sleeve Farmers Branch TXSomeone that has Gastric Bypass will have a small pouch attached to the intestine in order to bypass the stomach. A Gastric Sleeve, on the other hand, involves a surgeon removing a portion of the stomach, producing a tube-shaped stomach.

Patients that have Gastric Bypass can expect to lose 60 to 80 percent of excess weight within the first year to year and a half. The Gastric Sleeve allows weight loss at a slower, steadier rate. 60-70 pounds of excess weight can be lost within the first year to year and a half.

Gastric Ballon Farmers Branch TXGastric Balloon is an alternative to weight loss surgery that is ideal for patients seeking to lose 25 to 50 pounds. This non-surgical intragastric procedure combines a temporary device with a behavior modification program to help overweight patients maintain long-term weight loss.

Once the Gastric Balloon is placed into the stomach, it immediately reduces the amount of space for food, which means the patient will begin eating less immediately. Though some results will be seen quickly, weight loss will not be maintained if the patient does not follow through with the nutrition and exercise program created by The Bariatric Experts’ weight loss lifestyle team and Gastric Balloon Doctors.

No matter if you need Bariatric weight loss surgery or are interested in our Gastric Balloon Procedure,  The Bariatric Experts has Bariatric doctors that are kind, professional, and want to see you succeed. If you believe you are a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery or any other of our procedures, call for an appointment today at 940-577-2090.

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Bariatric Surgery Farmers Branch TX

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