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Cosmetic Surgery for Excess Skin Removal

When you lose a large amount of weight quickly and are able to keep it off, it’s a huge victory. But your journey is not over yet. Many patients find they still feel embarrassed or self-conscious of their body after weight loss because of the excess skin left behind. Consider plastic surgery for excess skin removal.

Losing 50 pounds or more often leaves large amounts of loose skin hanging from the arms, legs and abdomen. This excess skin can impair your ability to dress, bathe, exercise or perform other routine tasks. It can also pose an additional health risk if the skin rubs and chafes during exercise, prevents proper hygiene, or causes a rash. In these cases, it’s medically advisable to undergo excess skin removal.

This cosmetic surgery procedure comes in many different forms. You can get a full body lift, a partial body lift, such as a back lift or panniculectomy, or tighten the skin on specific body parts, such as your arms, legs or neck.

With any sort of lift procedure, the surgeon typically uses liposuction to get rid of excess fat and then trims off the excess skin, which can leave a long scar. This is an important consideration: Is the excess skin worse than having the scar? Only you can decide.

Before undergoing cosmetic surgery after weight loss surgery in Plano, TX, you should research the various body contouring procedures, as well as the risks and benefits. Talk to other people who have had the procedure done; you can probably find them at your weight-loss support groups. When you have done all the research you can do on your own, then you should look for a doctor who is board certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and schedule a consultation to discuss your medical history and ask any questions you have about your condition. To find a board certified plastic surgeon, visit

Plastic surgery is not covered by insurance when done for cosmetic purposes. However, some insurance companies will cover excess skin removal when done for medical reasons, such as when extra hanging skin makes exercising, bathing or dressing difficult, or causes chafing or rashes.

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