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Care after Bariatric Surgery

Regardless of which bariatric procedure you choose, the changes you experience after weight loss surgery can be difficult. You will be a new you – and that “new you” will have to relearn a lot of things, like eating, exercising and taking vitamins. The team at Expert Surgical understand the importance of providing strong support and care after bariatric surgery.

Post-Operative Guidelines

Before your surgery, your doctor provides you with a handbook with details of what you need to know before and after surgery, including important guidelines for living with your changing stomach. At first, you’ll be on a 100 percent liquid diet transitioning to soft foods, and eventually to solids, over a period of several weeks. Once you are able to eat a normal diet, you will have to learn to chew your food thoroughly until it is practically liquid. Depending on your procedure, you may have to avoid juices, sodas, candy and other foods containing simple sugars. Also, you will avoid drinking beverages during meals to keep from washing down your food and ingesting too many calories. This will ensure you get the proper nutrients from your food.

Although the recovery time varies based on an individual’s health prior to bariatric surgery, as well as which procedure they have, most patients are able to go back to work and resume exercise within one to three weeks after surgery. Women should not become pregnant during the first 16 to 24 months after weight loss surgery.

Follow-up Visits

When you undergo bariatric surgery, one of the most important components is your commitment to follow-up. We want to work with you in reaching and maintaining your health goals, and regular follow-up visits are crucial to your care after bariatric surgery. During your visits, we will evaluate your commitment to the lifestyle changes required, assess your weight loss, and monitor your health.

All of Expert Surgical’s patients in the Dallas, Texas area are strongly encouraged to stick to the prescribed schedule for follow-up visits:

  • Five to seven days – initial postoperative evaluation
  • One month – physician evaluation; psychological and nutritional follow up as needed
  • Three months – diet assessment, assessment of compliance with vitamins and exercise; psychological follow up as needed
  • Six months – physician evaluation and blood work
  • Nine months – assessment of diet, compliance with vitamins and exercise
  • Twelve months – physician evaluation and yearly blood work
  • Yearly for life – physician evaluation and blood work

Missing office visits could compromise the outcomes of your weight loss surgery. Long-term follow-up care after bariatric surgery is mandatory for success.

Support Groups

Supports groups are helpful for anyone undergoing a major life change, and weight loss surgery is no exception. The team at Expert Surgical offer several regular support group meetings, access to nutritionists, fitness counselors, and mental health experts to help you on your weight loss journey.

Whether you are having weight loss surgery in Plano, TX or elsewhere, we encourage you to join our online support groups and social community as you go through your process of change. Friends and family may be less helpful than strangers who have personally experienced dramatic weight loss, so seek out support from those who have been there, and who can help guide the way to lifelong success.

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